Blue Stilton

Our Blue Stilton has a rich tangy flavour, and a velvety-soft texture that makes it melt in the mouth. We craft this cheese slowly by hand, using methods that have changed little since the 17th century. We make three types of Blue Stilton at Cropwell Bishop Creamery.  

Our classic Blue Stilton is made with vegetarian rennet and 78 litres of fresh, local milk. In 2023 this cheese was given the highest possible 3 star Great Taste Award and was awarded Reserve UK Champion at the International Cheese Awards.

Our traditional rennet Blue Stilton has history. Its special hand-ladled recipe was first used at our North Street Dairy in Melton Mowbray during the 1950s. Today, we continue to use traditional rennet to create this delicious, silky-smooth cheese.

We're currently the only Stilton maker to produce an organic Stilton, and this cheese is certified by the Soil Association – a guarantee that it meets their exacting organic standards. 

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